Updated Neon Nights Page!

Hey there!

So it’s been a wild 3 weeks, let me tell you.

In the first 3 weeks, I have sold over 50 copies, with nothing but absolute praise. It is a joy to be able to distribute a quality product to people who genuinely enjoy it!

That being said, there’s a ton more work to do!

There are plans for another game to release this year, as well as a fully fledged expansion to 1e of Neon Nights to release within the next month or so.

I have also updated the “Works” tab and the “Neon Nights” page to add both my Kofi and DriveThruRPG stores. Give it a look!

Thank you all for your support. Whether it was when I posted poems daily, weekly, or now, not even monthly, or read any of my short-stories, or just left a comment, the momentum that led to me selling my first game started here. I will always be grateful to you all.

I hope you all have an AMAZING day, and if you would like to support me and my game, head over to https://thelorusatlas.com/neon-nights/ to snag a copy for only $4.99!


-Ethan H. Reynolds, founder of The Lorus Atlas