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Neon Nights: Digital Edition Pre-Purchase Out Now!

Well, the time has come. Neon Nights has officially been released to the world. You can purchase it on the Neon Nights TTRPG page under Works on this very site, or by using this link: https://thelorusatlas.com/neon-nights/

Please wait up to 48 hours for your PDF to be emailed to you due to projected quantities of sales. After 48 hours, please email lorusatlas@gmail.com if you have still not received your PDF.

Here’s the text trailer for the game!

In Jeriko City, everybody wants to be somebody. Who do you wanna be?

Neon Nights is a cyberpunk/dystopian tabletop RPG set on Earth after a nuclear war devastated the entire planet. After hundreds of years roaming the desolate, irradiated Great Wastes, megacities emerged from the dust of deserts. Where there was once crumbling roads and dancing dust devils stand skyscrapers towering over hundreds of thousands of roaming pedestrians walking the streets of Jeriko City, located on the East Coast of the once powerful United States of America.

Neon Nights has nearly infinite ways to build your character(s) using a vast Perk system that caters to every imaginable playstyle in an RPG. Want to specialize in long-range combat using sniper rifles? Go for it. What about using deception to trick and lie your way to victory? What about a steroid-fueled maniac who craves nothing more than gore on their baseball bat? This game is perfect for you. 

Freedom is paramount in this RPG, and the moment that you begin playing will be all you need to fall in love with this completely new and original system designed by Ethan H. Reynolds.

So, will you follow the law, and use the state to make your name? Or will you rebel, and watch banners fly because of your courage? It’s up to you to decide.