Flora and Fireflies Lore: Eldos

Flora and Fireflies Lore: Eldos

Flora and Fireflies Lore: Eldos

Eldos is a land of wondrous magic, bustling cities filled with life, and sadly, political turmoil. Eldos has been at war for the past decade, claiming thousands of lives all across the planet. In the Northwest, Teretha pillages and plunders the coasts, costing villages mountains of gold in extortion attempts, local taxation, and abduction of the population for slave labor. Their dictator, Ilvaar Rhymstaad, has brainwashed the population to worship the Eldei, the banished gods of old with promises of a transformed North from an icy wasteland to a fertile land that will bring bountiful harvests for all. To the Northeast lies Erédas, another faction seeking to dethrone Ilvaar and conquer the rest of the land for expansion, as their land is also plagued with frigid temperatures. Their expansion into The Wide Wood, the largest section of known Eldos, has brought Druids from their mossy huts to stop these warring factions from harming The Wide Wood and Eldos as a whole. It is unwise for the likes of Men to challenge the powers of Nature, and soon, their sins would come to haunt them.

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