Filth and Flowers: The Sun’s Too Big

By: Ethan H. Reynolds

I was walking out of the store today after picking up some milk when I saw the sun laughing at me. It was laughing at me, right above my bloody head! I spat on him and cursed at him, but it just evaporated and he kept on. At this time I had just about enough of the bloke and I gave him a nice fist to the face. My hand got burnt to hell, and the lad kept cackling like a madman. The people who were leaving the store shook their heads in embarrassment for me, I’m sure. I had to go home and cool off before the thing would drive me to do something I might regret.

When I got in my house it smelt of mold and rot. It was also so damned hot I could’ve nearly fainted. It was that damned sun again, heating my house until it damn near melted. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so fed up with this bully that I took a cup of water that was in my refrigerator and splashed it on its face. It cried in pain, wailing as a woman does as birth. Its eyes bled hot lava and smoke filled the sky. It became dark. I didn’t know where I could go so I hid under the table. More screaming. It was so loud my eardrums rattled in pain for hours afterwards.

And that’s where I am now. The screaming has ceased and now the world has plunged into pure darkness. I can hear people shouting for their loved ones and children screaming for their mothers and fathers. I was all alone in this dark and I guess I will be forever. Can’t say that it isn’t nice though.


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